Anonymous said: I need a makeup tutorial for this look please!!!!!!!! U look so cute🌺🌷🌷🌸

omg thank you! well i watched this video which is life changing btw and then toned it wayyyyyyyy down and used white eyeshadow instead of blue under my eyes and framing my lips……im actually terrible at eyeshadow so not everything went as planned but it worked out someway so whatever. also i added pink blush along the areas under my eyes and put some pink in my brows to match my hair lmao 

another pic under the read more it was messing up my theme

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the dewiest i have ever looked

Hisashi Eguchi


innernettebaby replied to your post: all of my horoscopes for this week say…

thats so exciting thooo

i suppose if i get invited to go out on thursday now i have to go or i will basically be saying a big fuck u to the cosmos and mysterious powers that be

all of my horoscopes for this week say im gonna fall in love on thursday like what the hell im not ready for this!!!!

JANJIQUE Pleats Patterns Collection Vol. 1 (Spring 2014) by Zorana Janjic
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