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is there an easy way to switch email addresses besides going through sites one by one? im trying to switch from yahoo to gmail but the annoyingness of it all is putting me off

if anyone lives in atl and wants to be my glamorous fashion intern hmu cause i am dying here rip me

how much of a giant corny nerd would i be if i put an anime qoute on the labels of my senior fashion thesis…………..

new shoes ^^

you know when you see a collection where all the clothes are really overworked and trying to hard and not quite wearable but not quite avant-garde or whatever either? yeah thats my collection right now and i want to die

every time a sometani shota movie goes unsubbed i lose a year off my life


im laughin
current mood
sad cyborg girls club

my friend met this guy who only wears black and has a job writing ice cream descriptions and her first thought was that she should set us up. and that is basically all you need to know about me. 

the mercury retrograde is ruining my life

fashion week needs to hold off for a minute im not ready im too busy for this

do you think I can get out of doing my psychology homework if I tell my professor I was having a depressive episode

i can’t stop sleeping, I think I’m narcoleptic or something like it’s a legit issue