lmao this dude saw me talking about how cute his girl friend was tonight and offered to introduce us 

"goths in hot weather" 

if i had a fashion blog that would be the name

buy me things

really want one of those 10 strap garter belts but…….gonna have to wait till i have an income for that….

fashion internships like: full-time, 6 month commitment, we aren’t gonna pay u but we’ll give u lunch!!!! apply now!!!!!

like i can just pay my rent in sandwiches 

cdg application subject line: lumps and bumps and interns 

job application subject lines: to make a pun or not? 

literally no one i know will ever watch sharknado with me which is why i know i need new friends 

I shouldn’t job search late at night cause then I can’t sleep out of anxiety…..

wow who is she…..

im literally at a concert in the park with my laptop right now #sadbloggerlooks

i’m moving into my new apartment in brooklyn tomorrow

next step find a job

if i made movies, they would all be about teenage girls 

one of my relatives was a western film star from the 30s who was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with cary grant and that’s probably the most interesting thing about my family