i spent the last 4 years struggling to get my design degree and now that i’ve graduated i don’t even want to work in the industry anymore……like i feel like an idiot for wasting my time and putting up with so much stress and i don’t even have any idea what else i want to do with my life……..

i’m really good at planning and developing ideas but i have zero follow through. actually i probably have negative follow through im so bad.

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i always keep a mirror next to me while I blog in case I need to stare at myself

fashion job application subject lines i’ve been working on:


halfway through this movie when i realize it’s basically park chan wook’s Thrist but without the vampires and it turns out they were both based off the same novel ~the more you know~

professional hair model

its 4:30am im slightly drunk im painting my nails

tfw you’ve graduated college and you still have no idea what you want to do with ur life!!!!!!! 

i finally finished 1Q84 after 2 YEARS OH MY GOD

lmao this dude saw me talking about how cute his girl friend was tonight and offered to introduce us