if i made movies, they would all be about teenage girls 

one of my relatives was a western film star from the 30s who was rumored to be in a romantic relationship with cary grant and that’s probably the most interesting thing about my family 

i look cuter blurry
a narrative

i really want some plants in my new apartment but i’ve killed every plant i’ve ever had……

i wanna change up my daily makeup but im not sure what to do………..

someone be my ny roommate 😩😩😩😩


art girl seduction (do nthing but exist and wait for men to think u weirdhot

picking a career more like spiraling into existential crisis

i’m literally about to pull out all my hair trying to figure out roommates and apts in ny this is too stressful im totally at a loss

nothing gives me anxiety quite like apartment hunting in nyc when im not even there

i just want to close my eyes and have somewhere to live already

I’m going on 2 day road trip alone this weekend and i need new music!!! give me some recommendations! something slightly upbeat would be cool so i don’t fall asleep and die in the middle of texas…

also if you know any good pocasts or audiobooks??